Monday, 29 December 2014

How to look insanely fabulous on New Years Eve! - The London Look


         Do you want to end 2014 with a bang? Well heres a few tips and ideas on how to achieve the insanely fabulous look. 

1. Bold makeup doesn't suit everyone, stay in your comfort zone and choose the best makeup look that you feel most comfortable in. I think a smokey eye look would look amazing under the stunning fireworks. 

2. Wear something that you feel comfortable in

3.  I suggest wearing sparkly dresses as it's the perfect time of year for a bit of sparkle. 

London is a very bold place where anything goes, sparkly dresses are very popular in London and look amazing.  Topshop and Miss Selfridge sell amazing sparkly dresses for new year.  Even if you can't find the 'perfect' new years eve dress for you, I can assure you that you don't only look amazing in dresses. Jeans and a casual pretty top would still be perfect for nye. As long as you have something sparkly.. you'll look amazing. 

Dress Topshop Petite - £32
Tights H&M - £4
Boot Heels Primark - £17 
Hope everyone has an amazing new year! Enjoy the perfect London look. Can't wait to be blogging again in the new year ! x   

Friday, 19 December 2014



Christmas fancy dress parties are my favourite and they are far from halloween parties, everyone is dressed festive either as an elf, santa, santa's wife or even an angel.  I chose to dress as an angel as it's simple and needs hardly any work to create the look.  Curled hair is a definite as it looks gorgeous, just like an angel.  I would suggest to be simple on makeup and not to go to heavy as an angel should look natural.  You can either choose to be a good angel or a dark angel.  Both angels are different colours such as white (good angel) and black (for bad angel). Both look  beautiful but just have different colour wings and outfits. I would suggest to buy big wings however big wings are pricey and the small wings were in my budget. 
small wings (£8 from party fiesta)
Halo (£1.60 from party fiesta)

V neck dress Topshop (£34)
Topshop shoes (£38)

Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Inner Rock Chick - Cheap Thursdays!


Are you wondering how to get the rock chick look? Are you unsure how you can look classy at the same time?

I created the ultimate classy rock chick look. This looked can be worn at most occasions such as christmas parties, birthdays and concerts.  A dark blue sparkly top is absolutely perfect for this season, It's pretty and expresses a slightly rock chick look. The black ripped jeans are absolutely essential for the rock chick look, ripped jeans gives an edgy look to your outfit which is perfect to wear for concerts.  I never would of thought of buying open toe shoes before because I never really liked them until I saw these perfect shoes in River Island. The shoes are edgy, classy and give the ultimate rock chick look. 
The cheapest item from this outfit is the top, it's £18 from topshop. It's a good price considering the style and look of it.  To give this outfit an extra rock chick look, a leather jacket is absolutely essential. 

Top from Topshop - £18
Jeans from Topshop - £38
Shoes from river island - £70

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Throwback to my interview with JWOW!!!

Jwow talks about Australia, Embarrassing moments and HARRY STYLES!!! Have a watch and Let me know who I should Interview next!! 


                                                          Cheap Thursdays!

In the Uk, the weather is getting increasingly colder however I still wanted to be warm and wear a skirt.  The light blue jumper is warm and cosy.
I absolutely love pencil skirts because they fit so well on everybody. I added tights and knee high socks to my outfit because it makes it look cute and it's super warm.  This outfit is my favourite outfit of the week, you can add your own style to it and even wear it anywhere! I recommend you guys to buy at least one item from this outfit!
H&M Jumper - £14
H&M Black Pencil Skirt - £5
H&M Tights Matte 20 Den -  £4
H&M Knee High Socks - £6
Topshop Leather Jacket - £45

Thursday, 4 December 2014


Welcome to Cheap Thursdays, every Thursday I will be posting about cheap items that I have Recently brought. 

Normally I wouldn't buy shoes in Primark because I heard the shoes were rubbish and not worth buying however it is completely the opposite! I absolutely love heeled boots and I wear them everywhere possible. Primark Heeled boots caught me at such a surprise as I was completely shocked at how comfortable the shoes were! I've been wearing them all week and I've been walking around a lot, my feet feel completely fine when and after wearing these shoes. I brought them for £18 which is cheaper than most places. 
The shoes look perfect and It definitely looks for expensive than it really is. I highly recommend you to purchase a pair of these... Trust me.. you won't regret it!


                                                    Nivea Disaster!!!!!!!
Although Nivea is good for your skin and smells nice, It has some downsides. I brought this product mainly because my skin was dry and I needed something other than foundation for my face. The Nivea BB Cream comes in three different shades, Light, medium and dark. I've got pale skin so the light shade would be the right opition however it was completely the opposite, testing it on my skin irritated my spots and made my skin look like a completely different colour. 
I would strongly not recommend this product!