Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Leather? The Trend is Back! - The London City Girl


                         Hi guys, sorry for not being as active as usual. Leather has come back into style.. YES LEATHER! 
The excitement is real! I recently brought a leather skirt, I was full of excitement.. I couldn't wait to wear it! Leather skirts and trousers are back in style for this season. Want to experiment? Go ahead you won't regret it! the best thing is.. we can get leather skirts and trousers in different colours!! Remember not to over do the leather.. a leather jacket and skirt would not look good in my opinion. 
Accessorising is very important, a clutch bag or handbag is a must have when wearing leather. 

Is leather only for special occasions and parties? Certainly NOT! Leather can be worn anywhere, any time.. you'll still look good! *inserts heart eye emoji* 
                                            Do you dare to wear leather?

My Look :


Top - £18.00 from Topshop 
Leather Skirt - £14.99 from H&M
Tights - pack of 4 from H&M £4.00

Dare to wear leather... have a good week!

Sophie x 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Cheap Thursdays! - The London City Girl.

Welcome to Cheap Thursdays! I found an item that is unusually cheap such as hair products.
The first product is something that I wouldn't usually need or buy however my hair has been very flat lately and I needed some extreme volume asap!! I found the perfect product for my hair which is the Herbal Essences dry shampoo (uplifting volume).  Herbal Essences are known for great smelling products and this definitely takes the top ten! My hair was left with an amazing citrus smell for days. Most products have to be used more than once to get the effect or smell, this is not the case with this product.  I highly recommend this product, it's perfect for all hair types and it is extremely cheap! I promise that you won't regret using it. 

Dry Shampoo (Boots) - 2 for £2

Saturday, 3 January 2015

New Year Favourites!

New Year Favourites...

Wow it's 2015.. Welcome to the most futuristic sounding year ever! 
This year I will be expanding my blog, I'm hoping to include more fashion trends,makeup reviews, some music and film reviews. 

One of my first new year favourites has to be from Soap & Glory. As amazing as it looks, it smells 100% better. Soap & Glory products feel so amazing on your skin and the results for smoother skin are even better! I recommend for everyone to buy at least one product from Soap & Glory.  The British store Boots was having an amazing sale on selected products from s&g and they still may have some sale items in the January sales. Come on girls... Let's go shopping! 
Spray is absolutely amazing! Smells great and lasts long.
The Hand gel works well and even smells amazing that you can't help but use it again.
Hand creme keeps hands smooth and smelling gorgeous.

My second new year favourite is from Victoria's Secret. Although VS is expensive, the sales are amazing.  I got a makeup bag that is sparkly and girly for half price which is every good for a product from VS.  The makeup bag was from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Range, it's perfect for a girly girl like me. I recommend anyone to buy this either for themselves or others. You won't regret it as it's an easily loveable gift. 

Hope you enjoyed my new year favourites,

Sophie x